Payment Options Request Version 1.1  
If you are new to Manpower, your direct deposit information will be securely stored until you are placed on your first assignment. Upon placement, your information will be transmitted and verified by the bank and you will be set up on direct deposit. The verification process will take seven days from the time that the bank receives it and approves it.
Contact Information  
First Name  Last Name 
Telephone#  SSN/SIN
 Country Email 
Account Setup
Distribution Method  Account Type 
Transit Routing# 
 Bank Name 
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  I hereby authorize Manpower to initiate credit entries to my account as indicated above. If funds to which I am not entitled are deposited in my account, I authorize Manpower to direct the financial institution to return said funds or get written authorization for the deduction per applicable state law. This authority is to remain in effect until Manpower has received timely written notice from me of termination. I understand I am responsible for the validity of the information on this form and for keeping Manpower aware of all changes in banking arrangements.
  Email a copy of payment statement.
Manpower will use this e-mail address for all communication regarding payment options. If you do not elect to receive e-mail, the statement will be mailed.

If you elect not to participate in the Manpower direct deposit program but wish to receive a paper check, please check the checkbox acknowledging the agreement below.

I hereby confirm that I was given the opportunity to participate in direct deposit and I am electing not to. I further understand that if enrolled in direct deposit, my pay would be electronically transferred to my bank within three days of my timeslip being processed. I have chosen not to participate in this program.

I understand that my paycheck will be mailed to my home via the U.S. Postal Service.